Dental implants can be an excellent choice to restore missing teeth. They look natural, provide full functionality, and can improve oral health by preserving jaw structure and preventing other teeth from shifting out of position. Like any other medical or dental device, however, a dental implant can require occasional restoration. Perhaps it slipped out of place, you cracked it biting into hard food, or you suffered trauma to the mouth that caused your dental implant to break.

You may also just need a crown over the implant to keep it as secure as possible. Whatever your situation, Dr. Rebecca Jackson at Main Street Dental Arts can create an artificial tooth for you as good as new by providing you with a crown dental implant.

What are Dental Implant Crowns?

The term dental implant crown refers to the procedure we use when restoring an existing dental implant. We make it as simple and comfortable for you as possible by working closely with the dental surgeon and using a digital iTero scanner that doesn’t require messy tooth impressions. The scanner provides an immediate three-dimensional impression of each tooth that requires treatment. Typically, we complete this process at least three months after patients receive the original dental implant to prevent further trauma to the jaw and allow maximum time for the gum tissues to heal.

What to Expect with the Treatment Process

When Dr. Jackson determines that the area where you received the original dental implant has healed enough, she begins the process of placing a crown by puncturing a small hole in the gum tissue directly above the site of the implant. She then screws in an abutment, which is a tiny metal screw used to keep the artificial tooth in place, directly on top of the implant.

The specific type of abutment she uses for your procedure can vary depending on availability and your needs. Additionally, Dr. Jackson takes the time to match the color, shape, and shade of your new dental crown to your existing teeth as closely as possible. That way your dental work blends in without anyone needing to know that you just received a crown dental implant.

It is at this point that Dr. Jackson uses the digital iTero scanner to determine the measurements of the replacement tooth and the crown that will cover it. The iTero digital scanner offers many benefits over the traditional method of taking dental impressions besides being mess-free. It’s quick, painless, provides extremely sharp images, and can help you see how your smile will look after you receive your dental implant and crown.

Having immediate access to your impression results means less time to wait to complete the procedure. After obtaining the results, Dr. Jackson sends them on to our laboratory and provides you with a temporary false tooth. She places this on top of the abutment. We will contact you to come in for the implant and crown placement once the laboratory returns your customized replacement tooth.

On the day of your second appointment, Dr. Jackson removes the temporary replacement tooth and places the permanent one in its place. She also covers it with a crown for added strength and protection. Depending on the location of your missing tooth, your dental implant may not be bulky enough to withstand daily wear without breaking down. A crown helps to guard against this to ensure the implant lasts for many years before you might need to go through this again.

You may need to repeat this process several times if you have more than one missing tooth. It all depends on whether the missing teeth are spaced apart or if they are on the same arch.

Are You Looking for a More Permanent Form of Tooth Replacement?

It’s common for people to try other forms of tooth restoration such as dentures or bridges before inquiring about dental implants. Sometimes cost is an issue, or they just don’t feel ready to commit to the multi-step process involved in getting dental implants. As time goes on, the inconvenience of removing dentures and having to follow numerous food restrictions can cause some patients to look for replacement teeth that remain in the mouth permanently. Others have trouble with dental bridges that break frequently due to bite pressure or the size and shape of the tooth.

The good news is that dental implants with crowns can last for a lifetime with proper care. It’s important to protect your replacement teeth just as you would your natural teeth and to practice excellent oral hygiene.

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